Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer in Hokkaido

I wrote about the weather a lot in the winter because of the huge amount of snow we had, but haven’t said much about it since the snow melted. Now that summer is officially here, I thought I’d tell you about how nice it is in Hokkaido this time of year.

Yesterday was the summer solstice here in Hokkaido and at ten o'clock in the morning the temperature had still not reached 60 degrees F.  We’ve been above 70 F a few days, but mid to upper 60’s has been the normal day time temperature.

The average temperature for this area in June are a low of 54 F and a high of 68 F. The hottest month here is August with a range of 64 F and 79 F. Ted is a hottie and has been wearing shorts for some time now, but I’m still wearing long pants and most of the time a sweatshirt or fleece jacket.

We’ve had a few rainy days, but not much.  Some days are windy, which is good for drying the laundry. We don’t have air conditioning but can open the windows to let the breeze come through.  We like to eat outside on our balcony.  (I don’t recognize what that is on Ted’s plate.)

The sunrise is 3:55 am and sunset 7:18 pm on this longest day of the year, 15 hours and 22 minutes. That might sound early, but remember we are not on Daylight Savings Time.

Summer in Hokkaido is really very nice.

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