Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cattail Leaves

I’ve been working on the leaves. Basically there are only two patterns in the leaves (hexagons or hexagons with diamonds), and two weights of black threads plus I will be adding some green Kreinik. By filling in more or less of the spaces in the leaf patterns, the leaves look darker or lighter.  Some of them will get outlined.  As I suspected, there are a lot of compensating stitches.  It’s coming along.


Queeniepatch said...

Pamela, you're so quick I almost think a) you've got a magic wand instead of a needle b) you stitch by machine c) you are have been reborn from Tudor England

Grit said...

Looks so wonderful.

Pamela said...

None of the above :) I am fortunate to have a lot of time to be able to stitch and I think I am a fairly fast stitcher. If I studied Japanese as much as I stitched, I might be able to communicate here. I do love to stitch!