Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July and Baseball

Today is Independence Day in the United States, but most people here don’t know the significance of the day for Americans. People in the US don’t know about Japanese holidays, so I’d say it’s even.

I’m continuing to stitch on my US map. The fabric is a 27 count Zweigart even weave, the thread is DMC floss, and I'm stitching in hand. I’m thinking this might turn out to be a quilted wall hanging.  We’ll see.

One of my University English students, who is also in two of Ted’s classes, is a pitcher on the University baseball team.   They had a home game, so we took our folding chairs and headed out to the baseball field.

We aren’t really baseball fans, but it was fun to see a game here.


Margaret said...

You sure are making fast progress on the map of the USA. What better piece to stitch on the 4th of July! Baseball fever hits Japan in the summer doesn't it - I remember that well.

Queeniepatch said...

I agree with Margaret - you are so FAST! Apart from the speed your work is impressively neat and crisp. You do this 'in hand' in this hot and humid climate without leaving stains? I feel all my work wilts, the water soluble markings fade in the moist air and my brain can not keep track of such a complicated design.
Great job, Pamela!

Pamela said...

You would love summer in Hokkaido - low humidity and comfortable temperatures. Today the temperature is 68 F at mid-day. I don't know of anyone who has air conditioning at home, and very few businesses that do. We just open our windows.
This map is requiring me to count and re-count carefully and often!