Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid Year Check on 2013 Stitching Resolutions

I posted here about the stitching projects I planned to finish in 2013. I chose these projects because I really wanted to finish them. The year is a little more than half way through, so I should have half of them completed, right?  How am I doing on them?

I completed the fish quilt and sent it as a baby gift to friends in the US. I posted about it here.

I did work on the Plum Panache velvet beaded shawl, but I haven’t worked on it in awhile and it isn’t finished yet.

I haven’t yet started the silk ribbon miniature Baltimore quilt.

I have two blackwork birds on the list.  I finished the peacock and it can be seen here.  I have not yet started the kingfisher.

And finally, the miniature chair cushion on silk gauze.  I’ve put a few (very few) stitches in it, but it is not finished either.


Two finished, one with some work on it, two not even started, and one with only a few stitches added.  Not good.  Should I put the US map and the hexagons away and get to work on one of these?

I had a Japanese lightbulb moment this past week.  Whenever you enter a shop or restaurant here, the employees all yell something.  It happens all the time, but I never could figure out what they were saying.  In Japanese class last week, we had a dialog between a store clerk and a customer.  The first thing the clerk says is "irasshaimase".  It was like I was in a comic strip and a light bulb lit above my head.  Of course!  This is what the shop people are always yelling when I enter the store.  It means Welcome!

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