Friday, July 12, 2013

Ted's Kayak Trip to Lake Shikotsu

Ted and his kayaking class took a two day, one night camping/kayaking trip to Lake Shikotsu in southwestern Hokkaido.  The name of Lake Shikotsu is derived from the Ainu language shikot, meaning big depression or hollow. To the Japanese, this sounded too much like dead bones, (shikotsu), so they attempted to rename it engi, but this name did not stick.  Lake Shikutsu is a caldera lake in Shikotsu-Toya National Park. (A caldera lake is formed from collapses in the earth after volcanic activity.)  Lake Shikotsu is surrounded by three volcanos: Mount Eniwa to the north and Mount Fuppushi and Mount Tarumae to the south. Tarumae ranks among Japan's most active volcanoes and most recently erupted in 1982. The lake has an average depth of 265 metres (869 ft.) and a maximum depth of 363 metres (1,191 ft.), making it the second deepest lake in all of Japan.

I wasn’t on this trip, but after seeing Ted’s photos, I want to go! Here are just a few of the many photos he took.

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Margaret said...

Lake Shikotsu is beautiful in all seasons but I think Autumn is best. Yes! You definitely should visit. I lived close to Mt Tarumae (in Tomakomai) when I first lived in Japan. Your blog post today is "natsukashii". Thankyou