Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stitching Year in Review

This year I’ve completed a fair amount of projects and far more than I would have if I were still living and working in the US.  I’m very fortunate to have so much time to devote to my stitching here.

I only completed half of the six projects on My New Year’s 2013 list, but I did work on the three that I didn’t complete, so I’m not unhappy that I didn’t meet my original goal.  I may complete these three in the next year, but they are not going on the 2014 list. The fishquilt, the blackwork peacock, and the blackwork kingfisher are finished.

I completed some new Christmas ornaments (some were gifts, some for my tree). See my December 24, 2013 post for photos. I’ve never had a tree that wouldn’t hold a few more stitched ornaments!

I can’t say that I really needed more little toolie things, but I do like them, and they are little that they don’t take up much space. The bee pinkeep, ribbon & bead scissor keepSummerSampler Box accessoriesMiss Kitty's Dragons Needlebook, crazy quilt scissors case, and Pins & Needles needlebook are all complete and all have a home in my needlework accessories area.

There were other projects that I completed from kits or charts and am happy to have them completed also. Thinking about all I’ve worked on this year, I have to say my favorite projects have been the ones that jumped out of my head and into the needle.  I didn’t always know what the end would be when I was starting the project, but I really enjoyed the process. These include the yo-yo shawl, the slipper bag, and Japan Has Four Seasons. I’m also enjoying the hexagon flower quilt project and I’ve surprised myself by continuing to work on it each week.

I continue to miss my stitch groups and going to seminars and taking classes, but the little stitch groups I have here are fun. I've also enjoyed participating in Take a Stitch Tuesday with Sharon B's Pintangle blog and expect to continue learning and practicing new stitches in the year ahead.  I’ve had an excellent stitching year.  How about you – what were the favorite projects you worked on or finished?

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