Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tuesday Stitch Group

Progress continues on the little hardanger project.  This was the last meeting this year for one of our members, because she had a baby two days later!  She wasn’t a part of our group when we made the little felt snowmen ornaments last summer, but she fashioned her own with photos in the face instead of the belly.  The one in the middle is the baby’s first ornament - photo to be added.

Luckily, she was able to finish her hardanger project. Can you see the little tulle bag of lavender inside? The rest of us continue working on our projects. Stay tuned for photos of our finishes soon.


  1. Charming snowmen! Great idea with the photo. If the new mother makes a snowman every winter and insert a photo of the child as he/she grows it will be fun to keep for the rest of the baby's life.

  2. Such a great thing to share your stitching expertise with these ladies! It's been YEARS since I've done any hardanger ... You've reminded me how lovely it is! (I think it's great that your English Paper Piecing makes an appearance in the photo, too.)