Friday, December 13, 2013

English Class at the Indian Restaurant

This week for a change of pace, my university English class met at Bombay Blue for lunch.  The owner and his staff all speak English and the restaurant is located about half a block from the university – perfect for our lunch meeting.  I was a little nervous the morning of our class.  Even though at the previous class we had gone over the menu and practiced ordering in English and reviewed topics to talk about, I wasn’t sure it would work.  What if no one had anything to say or worse, everyone spoke in Japanese?  I’m happy to say that didn’t happen.  I’m really very pleased with how they were able to order their meals and how they talked to each other in English. They talked about the weather and skiing.  They asked each other questions about favorite foods and movies and musicians.  Many of them turned 20 years old this year, so the “Coming of Age” holiday in January was discussed, along with how old they each are.  They were even able to make jokes.  Yes, I was quite relieved and pleased with the lunch.  Ted came to lunch with us and took these photos.


All who came to lunch get an A for the day.


  1. I have found that many students love 'playing' or 'acting' in English and will have fun out in public. I once took three 10-year-old girls to Tokyo Disneyland and the rule was that we would only speak English. While having lunch, a Japanese mother at a table next to us said to her children. 'Those girls can't be Japanese. Where could they be from, Korea?' My students were SO proud!

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