Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Shopping Day in Sapporo

Yesterday Ted and I went to Sapporo and came home with some new things. The first thing was a new (to us) sofa. This two part sofa was given to us (by this I mean it was free) by someone we know in Sapporo. It fit very snugly in the back of our car. I’m still working on the furniture arrangement in our small apartment.

Next we purchased new cross country ski boots for me.  I can hardly wait for the snow to fall now!

Our third stop in Sapporo was the Big American Store (Costco).  We only bought a few things because our car was so full with the two piece sofa.  We bought two new pillows.

The best Costco purchase was PINE-SOL!  Pine-sol has not been available for some time, so we bought two big jugs, just in case we can’t get it again.  I love a clean fresh smelling house, so I am so happy to have Pine-sol again!

Guess what I’m going to be doing today?


  1. Looks like a productive trip. Have fun arranging your new sofas.

  2. I guess you will be opening up a bottle of Pine-sol and go dust hunting so the new sofas have a nice clean corner to sit in!