Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - Four More Letters Done

This week I finished E, F, K, and L to make 18 finished letters and numbers 12 more to finish.  I have almost seven weeks until the end of the year, so that means I need to complete about two a week to stay on track.  I think I can do that.



  1. I think you'll make it! I love seeing your WIP Wednesday when I haven't even gone to bed on Tuesday. (I haven't even written Tuesday's post.) (I'm so easy to amuse.)

  2. The more Blackwork you fill in the clearer the letters and numbers appear. This piece is just growing more and more beautiful.
    I am sure you can finish this by the end of the year. Keep up the good work!

  3. Lovely progress.
    I think you can make it.

    Greetings, Manuela

  4. I absolutely think you'll do it! It's looking lovely!

  5. I hope you are able to finish this within this year. All the best ! the black work alphabets are beautiful! the green filling in 'L' is my favourite.