Sunday, January 17, 2016

Island Onsens

Day 7 of the Kumano Kodo Trip  

I had finished the big hike the day before and I was feeling very good about hiking 70+ hard kilometers in five days. The hike was over but not the adventure. After another big breakfast (and another morning without coffee), I was ready to take another look at Nachi San.  

Every morning, I asked Kohi arimasu ka? and the answer was Nai. (Is there coffee?  No.) I like green tea, but I really like a cup of coffee in the morning.  I saw this little coffee shop on my way back up the hill and paid 350 yen for a cup of coffee.  That's a normal price for a cup of coffee in Japan, but I am so cheap, I don't often order coffee out. 

I really enjoyed my cup of coffee, then I took a few more photos at Nachi san. 

From here I caught the local bus to Kii-Katsura. There are many onsens here, but I was interested in going to Urashima, a hotel with seven onsens on an island.  The hotel was out of my price range, but for 1000 yen, I could use any/all of the onsens on the property for the day. The ferry going to and from the island was free. 

Cameras are not allowed in the onsens, but here is a poster in the train station. I loved the cave onsens at the water's edge with the waves splashing in. 

After returning to Kii-Katsura, I wandered around the fish market area, then went to the place I was staying the night.  Meals were not included here, but they did have a little shared kitchen area.  I bought something to eat at the konbini and ate in my room.  

That's all for this day.  Still more to come....


kiwikid said...

More interesting photos. Well done on walking so far.

Brigitte said...

Great pictures again. I love the ones from the waterfall.
These onsens must have been great after so much walking up and down the mountains.