Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Long Hike

Kumano Kodo Trip - Day 4
I got up early, knowing I had a long way to go that day.  Look at the breakfast that was served to me!

I put this wonderful lunch in my pack and waved good-bye to my hostess. I was on my way about 7 am.

First thing, the Cherry Tree Hidehira Zakura


Next, the stone chair of Seimei Abeno, then Kobiro-oji.

 Many times the trail followed a stream through a low area.  The wet mossy stones were a little scary to walk on - for good reason!  I slid and fell more than a few times.

Occasionally, I wasn't sure which way to go and had to stop and pull out the map.

I just can't imagine wearing straw sandals on this uneven trail! No wonder that they wore out quickly.

I had seen on the map ahead of time that there was a detour, but I didn't know the reason for it until I got to it - a typhoon in September 2011. I think both the original route and the detour were up hill.

October 1081! I can't imagine!

I stopped here to take a break and when I left, I went in the wrong direction!  I added about an hour to my walk because of it.  Taihen desu.

Later, I stopped and ate the first half of my lunch.  There was so much that I saved the rest for the next day.

This was a long day and I couldn't dilly dally at any one place because I had to get where I was going before the sun went behind the hills. There were so many interesting places that I did stop to take pictures and read the signs.

Hosshinmon-oji is one of the bigger, more well known shrines.

Finally, after walking about 22 kilometres (maybe longer because of getting lost!), I arrived at Hongu Taisha.  It was late in the day so I took a few pictures and got on the bus for the 15 minute ride to Yunomine Onsen, where I would be spending the night.  I decided I could come back here later in the trip when I wasn't so tired.

Here's where I stayed that night. My supper was served in my room. After a soak in the onsen, I was asleep fast.

I'll post more of the trip in a few days.


Anna van Schurman said...

What a fantastic adventure! Thank you for posting all of these travelogues. I'm really enjoying reading them.

kiwikid said...

I am enjoying reading your adventure too...loving the photos.

Brigitte said...

Another adventurous day on your hike. No wonder that you fell asleep so fast at the end of the day. Wonderful pictures again.

Thoeria said...

An absolutely awesome adventure!!! I love all your pics...the ones of the info boards are really appreciated :)

Anthea said...

I bet you slept well Lin, what wonderful adventures!