Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kumano Kodo - the rest of Day 3

Continuing with day 3 - hiking

More interesting sites along the way...  As I read each sign, I continued to imagine what took place along this route long ago.

When they say 99 oji, that's not the exact number.  I was starting to think it must be much more than 99!

It wasn't quite lunch time when the trail came close to the road and there was a little store and toilet on the other side.  I crossed the road for the toilet, then couldn't resist some Japanese sherbet.

Onward. I'm so glad there were little signs to read.  It made everything so much more interesting and fed my imagination about what happened here. Can you just imagine being all alone in the woods with all this?  I felt like I had gone back in time.

 At the edge of a little town was a park like shrine area, so I ate my lunch here. The food at the previous place I stayed was very good there, but the lunch for the trail was just so so - cheese and mayo on bread and a cooked sweet potato.

The trail followed a road through the little town, then off to the woods again.

When I arrived at Tsugizakura-oji, I knew I was very close to where I would be staying for the night.  Good thing!  After  14.5 kilometers that day, I was tired.

The place I stayed that night, Minshuku Tsugizakura, was my favorite of the entire trip.  When I first arrived, I was served a delicious treat with green tea. There were only three guest rooms and I was the only guest the night I was there.  I stayed in a beautiful tatami room.

I had a hot soak and a wonderful dinner. The owner is a gourmet chef. I really couldn't eat it all!

Day 4 coming soon.


Beth in IL said...

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. I love see all the photos.

Janie said...

Wow, what an adventure, food, scenery and a hot soak!

Brigitte said...

I know exactly how you felt viewing all these historic places. I feel like that when ever I visit an historic place and there are no people there - then my imagination rund wild and I feel like like wandering back in history.