Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Steep Hike - Part Two

(Continuing Day 6 from this post.) 

After lunch, I hit the trail again. 

More beautiful scenery.  I was alone in the woods and I thought about how I was the only person seeing this on this day, but how many people had seen this over the last thousand or so years.  

Onward. This was a long day and the more tired I was, the less pictures I took! 

As I emerged from the woods, I smelled incense! I was at the end of my day's hike, at Nachisan Seiganto-ji, Kumano Nacho Taishi, and the tallest waterfall in Japan (133 meters). 

I was tired and wanted to get to the place I was staying that night (and a hot bath!), so I just took a few pictures, including these wedding poses, knowing I could come back the next morning.  What a great place for wedding photos!

This was my room that night - two floors up from the bath and one from the toilet! 

After a delicious dinner, I soaked in the bath again, then it was time to sleep.

Day 7 coming soon.


Janie said...

Plenty of exercise! and beautiful scenery too!

kiwikid said...

Must have felt wonderful hiking through the forest....such beautiful buildings at the the happy buddha! You have had such an array of food during your trip, always beautifully presented.

Brigitte said...

There is something mythical about being alone in the woods and taking in the atmosphere and the sights.
Great pictures again.