Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kumano Kodo Day 5

At this place, there was onsen water coming right into it and the onsen was open all night, so when I woke up about 2 am and was a little stiff from the previous day's hike, I went to soak in the hot water. (I need one of these in my own house!) 

Since this day's hike was to be about 13.5 kilometers and very hilly, I got up early. This is breakfast in my room. The egg was cooked in some special onsen water.  I didn't really understand what that was about (blame it on my limited Japanese vocabulary).

 I had to catch the bus to get back to the trail, so I took a few photos of the town of Yunomine Onsen while I was waiting for it to arrive.  

When I did get back on the trail, it literally went through people's back yards and between houses (and it went up, of course). 

First up, ruins of the Matsuhata Tea House.  It was so ruined, I didn't see anything but the sign. 

My photos don't do this lookout justice.  It was amazing! Notice the coins at the little statue.  Sad to say, but if it were in the US, I think someone would steal them, religious item or not. 

Onward.  I was always glad to read more information about where I was and what I was doing. 

Sai-no-kawarra Jizo.  Jizo watches out for travelers and children. This fascinates me.

 I think the floor of this rest stop must have been part of the tea house.  The roof was new.

I ate my lunch at the next tea house remains.  Ancient pilgrims would have eaten at the tea house, so I did too.

I'm not sure what this is.  It was getting late in the day and I was getting tired.

This is where I spent that night.  It was an old school, made into a lodge. The room was pretty large and the bath was wonderful to soak in that night. It was inexpensive so I can't really complain, but I did have to pay 200 yen to heat the room.

This was supper.  It was a good thing I was walking so much because I was eating well!

I knew from reading the maps that the next day was going to be the most difficult.  Only 14.5 kilometres, but very steep. I wanted to get an early start. I'll post about it soon.


kiwikid said...

Another wonderful day of adventure. The food you have been given is so beautifully presented Pamela..looks lovely on the trays.

Brigitte said...

Such a gorgeous view that you had over the mountains once you were up there.
I love the way how they prepare the food for breakfast and dinner. And these lunch packages are very special, too.

manami said...

Every time I see your blog, I rediscover Japanese great sites. Tahnk you!