Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Restaurant from Nepal

My favorite restaurant in Hokkaido is the Indian restaurant, Bombay Blue.  I hoped to find an Indian restaurant here, so when I saw this sign on the train one day I snapped a picture of it. It's Nepalese, not Indian, but curry and naan -  similar.

With the help of google maps I found the restaurant and went for lunch one day. It's not as good as Bombay Blue, but still pretty good. Next time, I'll order hot instead of medium hot.


Lin said...

Looks delicious! Hard to find anything 'hot' here in France. The French do not do hot spice! We have a Vietnamese restaurant nearby and when I asked for the curry I was told 'is very hot' Yes please I said, but in fact it was very mild. It's better in Spain where they are used to spicy north African food.

Janie said...

It looks good, but I'd have to order no hot. I'm allergic.

manami said...

You've found Takamatsu Bombay Blue!