Sunday, May 8, 2016

More Takamatsu Castle and Grounds

I had visited Takamatsu Castle when I first arrived in Kagawa, but not all of the areas were open at that time.  On Thursday, when I went to see the musket demonstration, the park was open and there was no admission fee for the day, so I decided to look around at other things also.  

I went inside the Ushitora Turret - three steep stories, beautiful view!

I also visited Hiunkaku.  The last time I visited this building was closed off, maybe for some type of event.  It was gorgeous, inside and looking out.  There was even a bride having pictures taken in one of the gardens.

Such a pretty place and a pretty day!


Queeniepatch said...

There is so much to see and explore in your neck of the woods. Enjoy your outings!

KimM said...

What an amazing place. Thank you for the photo tour.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful day and a lovely place to visit.