Friday, May 6, 2016

Kanamaru-za, The Kabuki Museum

After seeing the Kabuki performance recently, I was very interested in seeing this museum, which is an old Kabuki theater. It was like stepping back in time.  

The entrance in very low and I had to be careful not to bump my head.  

Inside is the shoe room, like a cloak room, but you leave your shoes instead of your coat. 

The seating area is divided tatami.  I guess you bring your own cushions.  Can't you just imagine the place full of people waiting for the show to begin? 

The stage has areas that turn or raise and lower and they are all powered by men below the stage!

Behind the stage were areas for the actors to get dressed or have make-up and hair done.  

There was also seating in a balcony area. 

What a treat it was to see this theater!


Janie said...

Amazing theater, isn't it? I would bring a cushion for sure.

Queeniepatch said...

Are there any performances in the museum? It would be great to see a kabuki show in a 'real' theatre.

Pamela said...

When I was there I was told there is a performance once a year at the theater. The tickets are pricey and sold out very quickly.

Our photos said...

Beautiful there!
Greetings, Suzi

anne said...

Really it is a pleasure to discover Japan through your articles. Thank you !

Unknown said...

Your pictures are great. You have the ability to walk me and I am sure all your readers through you entire adventure almost as if we were there following you.