Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Kabuki Adventure

Kabuki is a classic Japanese drama/dance theater known for its elaborate make up, costumes, and sets. This Japanese entertainment began in 1603. I recently found out there would be a Kabuki performance at a shrine near Takamatsu and I really wanted to go! I used google maps to find the shrine, but couldn't find an easy way to get there.  The closest I could get by public transporation still involved a two and a half hour walk from that point.  My Japanese friend was able to research online and found that there was a shuttle from an area that I could get to by bus! I took a train to Takamatsu, then a bus, then the shuttle.  The road up to the shrine was a narrow, curvy, uphill little path really.  

When I arrived at the shrine, I saw it was like a festival with vendors selling prepared foods, produce, all kinds of thing. It was an interesting day to say the least! 

 I didn't really understand what was going on, but a woman behind me was trying to explain things to me in a mixture of English and Japanese.When I saw people throwing things that could have been rocks or candy or who knows what at the actors and stage, she showed me it was little wrapped coins - a one yen and a five yen in each package. I think they are called ohineri. 

My photos aren't the greatest because I wasn't close and had to use the zoom, but you'll get the idea.  

I really enjoyed the experience, even if I didn't understand what was going on!


  1. Kabuki theater, a fair and a hike, a full day.

  2. Wow! Your photos are amazing - what a wonderful experience - thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. I really admire you for taking on the challenge of getting to such an isolated place. You were rewarded with exercise, food, culture and friendship!

  5. The costumes look wonderful