Thursday, May 5, 2016

Udon School

Udon is the famous food for this area of Japan. My friend arranged for us to attend Udon School and learn how to make udon.  It was so incredibly fun!  

Part I 

After getting to our places and putting on aprons, each person was given a piece of already prepared udon dough.  We had to roll it out until it was the length of the rolling pin.  After that, we fan folded it and cut into thin strips. This would be the udon we ate for lunch.

Part II 

Each two-some was given the flour and salt water mixture to make the dough from the start.  This part was especially fun.  They played lively music and gave us tambourines. I mixed it in the bowl - we had to kind of fluff the flour and water to mix it.  When it was completely mixed, we put it in the plastic bag and stomped on it with our heels, kind of dancing and jumping with more music until it was ready.  

Part III 

The last part was cooking and eating what we made!

What a great experience.  I had so much fun. Thank you, my friend!


Janie said...

You look so capable in your apron! Fun experience. Udon noodles are good.

Queeniepatch said...

This is the ultimate learning experience. Have fun while learning! I bet the udon was deliciou, too!

Margaret said...

That sure does sound fun. Might even make me like udon. I'm a soba girl

Unknown said...

Will you ever make this at home?? If this was how much fun cooking was, I would do more of it I am sure.