Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Work in Progress Wednesday - Pink Block

I came across this project when I was unpacking and I remembered how much I like working on crazy quilt.  Originally this was to be for my TAST stitches.  I worked on the pink block the last few days.  

Here are all four blocks so far.


  1. The TAST learning project is almost MADE for crazy quilting. There are so many stitches to use and many of them are highly decorative, or can be combined for the ultimate seam embellishment. Great idea to use the French Curve ruler as a template.

  2. I like crazy quilt too. Not too much for the frau frau romantic style with lots of laces etc. I love the older more ethnic quilts that were made to be used.
    xx. Carol

  3. Great blocks and many lovely stitches there.