Saturday, February 18, 2017

Big Tokyo Weekend - Peony Show in Ueno Park

We just happened upon this show in Ueno Park.  It was a chilly day, but the flowers didn't seem affected - they were gorgeous!  

I had some nice views of this five tiered pagoda elsewhere in the park and I liked how it looked.


  1. What a lovely way to spend some time, Peonies are so beautiful.
    Thank you for all the quilt show photos, I have been enjoying them all, Japan will probably be my next overseas trip, it would be nice to be there at quilt show time, Most of my quilts have a lot of Japanese fabrics as that is what I like to work with now.It is quite expensive to have them posted to Australia, are there vendors with traditional fabrics at the quilt show?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I tried to reply, but you are a no-reply commenter, so I will answer here.

      Yes, there are many vendors with beautiful traditional fabrics at the quilt show. The Tokyo quilt show is held in mid-January every year. The entrance fee is pricey (2100 yen), but I thought it was worth it!

      There used to be a big quilt show in Yokahama, but it is no more. I lived in Hokkaido for four years and there is a smaller quilt show in May in Sapporo, with many beautiful quilts and vendors also. I think the entrance fee for this one was 1200 yen, but I'm not sure I'm remembering correctly.

  2. There aresome beautiful flowers there Pamela, love that pagoda.

  3. Ueno park has many faces, and the flower shows with peonies is very popular in winter. There are several. temples, a number of restaurants, among them a lovely tofu restaurant with small elegant dishes, there are a number of street entertainers, museums, sports facilities, the famous zoo of course and then not to forget the cherry blossoms in March/April. There is something to see every day of the year.

  4. Hi Pamela,wow such a wonderful place you have taken such lovely pics,thankyou for sharing.

  5. Gorgeous flowers indeed. I love to see lots of flowers right now because I long for spring.

  6. Nice to see some spring colour :-)
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Flower art, what a beautiful day for art appreciation!

  8. What beautiful flowers! Also it's good to see Ted again, it's been a while since he visited us here in your blog.