Sunday, February 5, 2017

Big Tokyo Weekend - Quilt Show #1

Two weeks ago I went to Tokyo for a long weekend, and I still haven't gone through my pictures!  Yes, I took about a million.  On Sunday, my last day, I met with Queenie Patch and attended the 2017 Tokyo International Quilt Festival at the Tokyo Dome.  I've wanted to attend for five years and finally, this year I was able to get there!  Tokyo is a long distance from where I lived in Hokkaido, but I can get there on the Shinkansen train from where I live now in an hour or so.  

I still haven't gone through all my pictures so this is just a start.  Later in the week I hope to post more. This is the entrance to the show.  The tickets were a little pricey, but I did get a 200 yen discount for participating in the 2017 NHK Partnership Quilts

The show is huge!  I was lucky to have my own guide! (Thank you Queenie!)   That Orange Museum Building is the International Quilt Study Center and Museum from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Photos were not allowed inside the museum building but they have a great website and you can sign up to get an email of their quilt of the month.  

I did a little shopping, but not much. I bought some threads/fibers made by a shop in Kyoto.  They were all so beautiful, it was hard to choose only four sets.  I also bought little purse frames for my stitch group for our next project.  

Queenie gave me a wonderful gift - beautiful Japanese fabrics and overdyed thread in a Japanese drawstring bag!  Thank you!  I have so many new ideas...  

I'll try to get some photos sorted and have more posts about my trip in the days ahead. In the meantime, you can check out Queenie's Needlework blog for her posts on the show (which were posted in a timely manner!) 

Quilts by Sense

Swedish House 

Traditional and Bags  

Framed and Original 

Wa (Japanese) Quilts


Anonymous said...

Good morning Pamela,wow what a wonderful time you had,love those threads and cant wait to see the group with their new purses,so glad you had a lovely time xx

Queeniepatch said...

I had a great day with you! Now that this show has whet your appetite, I hope you will visit next year's show, too.
I like the panorama photograph from the stands that show the scope of the venue. Have fun with the Art Endoh treads.
Looking forward to your next report.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I am so happy for you that you were able to go AND to go with Queenie. So cool when you are able to meet up with a blog friend. I am thinking that the Tokyo quilt show must be the very best.
xx, Carol

frayed at the edge said...

I have been to the quilt show in Houston, and I thought that was big ...... but this one looks even bigger!!

Leonore Winterer said...

Wow, that IS a huge show! I love all the little treasures you found and got.