Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Morning Star Count - Week 40

Week 40 of the temperature quilt 

January 28 - February 3 

37, 46, 43, 45, 43, 36, 43

On Wednesdays, Sarah at Sarah Did It! is hosting a link up for  those working on a temperature hexagon quilt. Join in or check out the temperatures in other parts of the world.

This is my temperature/color (Fahrenheit) scheme: 

100 + Brown 

90-99 Red  

80-89 Orange 

70-79 Yellow  

60-69 Green  

50-59 Blue 

40-49 Purple 

30-39 Pink 

20-29 White 

10-19 Black


Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela beautiful colours in this hexie,well done my friend xx

Queeniepatch said...

It is still Brrr-y cold!

Vireya said...

That was a very purple week!

Great to see the whole year so far.

MartinaM said...

To see all together is great, beautiful colors.

Brigitte said...

All these blocks look great together.

Leonore Winterer said...

I love that purple fabric, but I bet you're getting tired of the cold by now...I sure know I do!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love the way your colors transition. This quilt is so pretty.
xx, Carol

Sarah said...

Your quilt is fabulous. I'm such a weather junkie and it's fascinating to see the colors/temps change over the course of 10 months, bouncing up and down every week.