Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - Part 5 'NHK Partnership Quilt'

Every year, NHK announces a theme for the next year's quilts and collects blocks, which are made into quilts that are raffled off during the festival, with the proceeds going to charity.  This year the theme was Tree of Life.  A total of 9,141 blocks were collected and made into 60 quilts. 

This photo is from the website

My block incorporated hexagons (as have my past blocks).  

Here are a few of the many quilts.


Queeniepatch said...

It was a difficult theme this time, and I think that explains why there were SO many 'standard' blocks of those leaves and apples. The original blocks, like yours, (and mine?!) are far more interesting to look at. Let's hope we get a theme for 2019 that inspires many to try out something creative.

MartinaM said...

Wow, how interesting these quilts look like. I'm so excited about these many little different blocks that make a whole quilt.
Thank you for showing me.

NADINE said...

Such beautiful, handmade blocks, and they all fit so well together... Your hexies tree block is adorable, love it :D

In stitches,

Anonymous said...

wow Pamela so much work in these beautiful quilts,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

Brigitte said...

They all look gorgeous. What a great theme.