Sunday, March 31, 2019

Shizuoka Prefecture Statistics

I hadn't looked at the Statistics Japan website in quite awhile, I had forgotten how interesting it is. I could spend hours looking at this website.  I was curious about how my prefecture - Shizuoka, measured up to the other prefectures. (There is probably a similar website for the US, but I haven't found it.)

Average Female Life Expectancy - Shizuoka comes in 24th of the 47 prefectures with 87.1 years. Nagano is first with 87.68 and Aomori is last with 85.93 years.  

Average Male Life Expectancy - For men Shizuoka comes in 17th out of 47, with 80.95 years. Shiga is first with 81.78, Aomori is last with 78.67. 

American Residents in Japan - Shizuoka is 26th in this category. Okinawa is first and Yamagata is 47th. In the category of overall Foreign Residents - Tokyo is first, Akita is last, and Shizuoka comes in at 7th. 

Number of Convenience Stores - Shizuoka is 9th, with Hokkaido 1st and Nara in last place.  

Number of Doctors - Shizuoka came in at a surprising 41st place. Kyoto is in first place and Saitama in last place.  

Bowel Cancer is the third highest cancer in number of deaths in Japan

Female deaths due to Bowel Cancer - Shizuoka is 27th, Tottori is first, and Kochi is 47th (last).

Male deaths due to Bowel Cancer - Shizuoka is 24th, with Okinawa first, and Shiga last.

Minimum Wage - Shizuoka is in 9th place, with an hourly wage of 735 yen. Tokyo is in first place with 850 yen.  Last place goes to Shimane with 652 yen.  


Number of Anglers (Age 25 years or older) - Shizuoka is 34th, Nagasaki 1st, and Fukushima last. 

Number of Golfers (Age 25 years or older) - Shizuoka is 26th, Ibaraki is 1st, and Aomori is last.  

Number of Hikers (Age 25 years or older) - Shizuoka is 21st, Tokyo is 1st, and Okinawa is last. 

Ski and Snowboard Players (Age 25 years or older) - Shizuoka is 25th, Nagano is 1st, and Okinawa last (no surprises there).  

So anyway, there are about 150 different comparisons by prefecture on the website and I think it is very interesting.  Do you know of a similar website for your country?


Mia said...

Very interesting statistics, Pamela. Kisses, my friend.

White Rose said...

Hi Pamela very interesting looking it all up ,i think i would be there for hours too xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Statistics are usually pretty interesting..this is a cool site.
xx, Carol

Jeanie said...

That IS interesting. I don't know of a similiar website but it would be intriguing to find.

Leonore Winterer said...

That's cool, I'd love to find something similar for Germany. I wonder how they get statistics about stuff like hobbies?
I'm not surprised to see that minimum wage is quite low in Japan, compared to the overall standard of life, but then, at least food didn't seem to be very expensive either.