Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Camino - Part 12, From Pontevedre to Caldas de Reis

After breakfast in the hotel, I headed out for another day's walk.  I saw a few interesting store fronts before getting out of town.

One last look at the Pilgrim Church


Queeniepatch said...

Does La Palma Real sell water pipes? They look very modern.
Every day you were blessed with really clear blue skies.

Leonore Winterer said...

Another great day of walking and discoveries. Are we almost there yet?

Julie said...

I've caught up with your walk after being away for a week to the coast myself.
You've stayed in lots of beautiful places, so clean and filled with every convenience needed. The food looks very tasty too.

Linda said...

What an amazing journey Pamela. How many miles did you walk?


Janie said...

Looking at your photos I feel invigorated. Great opportunity, fresh air, wonderful scenery and you got a work out too.

Lin said...

So much interesting architecture - and the lacy lady looks interesting. xx