Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Stitch Group Sunday - Brazilian and Fashion

I always look forward to our stitch group get-togethers. We have fallen into a routine.  We talk about our projects and show what we have worked on since the last meeting. We practice stitches and language skills. We laugh about things, work on our projects, and ask each other 'what do you think of this?' This time two of us worked on our Fashionable Ladies and three worked on finishing the Brazilian pins. We end our get together by choosing the next date and eating some delicious Japanese treats.


NADINE said...

Such fine work ! Isn't it lovely, getting together to stitch, sew, and have fun ? (AND treats)…

I'm part of a small Bee for 25 years. Initially, we were 20 ladies. Now we're only 4, and we meet each Tuesday, no matter what. My "3 graces", as I name them, are so lovely, wise, and funny.

I'm 67, and the "youngest", the others being respectively 72, 76, 83, and still going strong, curious of everything, going everywhere with their little cars, passionate about quilting, knitting, crosstitch and crochet, you name it….

They taught me everything, insisting on handpiecing (so that I could master the blocks constructions) and handquilting (for the relaxation it provides).
They Always tell me "no matter how long it takes, it's about the love you're putting in your work !".
I bless the day I met them on my path :))

Enjoy your sewing, Pam!

Miranda said...

Those pins turned out so cute! I love the fall leaves and the bird ones, especially. :)

White Rose said...

Hi Pamela wow such beautiful work from you and the ladies,what a fun get together ,well done everyone xx

Lin said...

Your friends do such beautiful work. xx

Jeanie said...

Your stitch looks like such good fun and you always do the most beautiful work!

Janie said...

Thanks for sharing the fun and progress.
I do get inspired with the projects and dedication.

Leonore Winterer said...

You're friends are developing some remarkable skills! I love those pins, they are so detailed and pretty.