Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Palma de Mallorca - Cuevas del Drach

Another pretty day! We docked at Palma de Mallorca Spain that morning.  For that morning, I had signed up for the Drach Cave tour. We rode by bus to the cave, first stopping at a pearl shopping place. It was interesting to see, but I didn't buy any pearls.

It was a short walk from the shopping area to the cave entrance.

The Caves of Drach are made up of four caves located in the island of Mallorca, Spain.  They extend to a depth of 25 meters and approximately 4 kilometers in length and are connected to each other.  They were formed by water being forced through the entrance from the Mediterranean Sea.  There is an underground lake called Martel Lake, which is about 115 meters in length and 30 meters wide. The lake was named after French explorer and scientist Edouard-Alfred Martel, who is considered to be the founding father of speleology. He explored the caves and found the lake in 1896. The caves were opened to the public in 1935 and are a major tourist attraction.

Near the end of the cave, four musicians performed a classical concert from a boat on the lake.  Photos were not allowed at that time.

After returning to the ship, I took a few more photos.

I can't complain about the weather on this trip. Or really, anything else.


Janie said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing photos. The cave tour looks breath taking. I imagine it was cold inside.
And the sun made the outside photos fabulous, that Mediteranean light is a vacation in itself.

kiwikid said...

Those caves are amazing Pamela and the view from the ship too.

jacaranda said...

Nature is incredible, thank you for taking me along, I am not comfortable going into caves, I experienced it via your post. Amazing blue sky.

Queeniepatch said...

Every day was packed with interesting things to do and see. It must have been a great holiday!

Jeanie said...

Oh Pamela, the photos of the cave just make my head spin with their magical beauty. To think all that is natural formation. I never really have thought much about caves -- maybe a little too claustrophobic! But this could easily change my mind.

Vireya said...

The caves look quite magical.

Leonore Winterer said...

These caves are amazing! Mallorca has so much more to offer than just drinking and parties.