Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sakura Spring time in Japan

I live just a few blocks from Osawagawa, which is lined with cherry trees. I can walk down the road next to the river to get to work.

This heron seems oblivious to the cherry blossoms, intent on fishing for its breakfast.

The people in the houses along the river must love living there in spring.

There are small walking bridges crossing the river that make it easy to see up and down the river and the tree branches full of blossoms.

This is springtime in Japan.


Anonymous said...

thanks, Pamela!

So beautiful--made me "natsukashi" (nostalgic, even a little homesick) for the beauty all over Japan, any time of the year

south of Seattle (where our ornamental fruit trees are in full bloom all over the hill I live on)

Sun City Stitcher said...

LOVELY! I love Cherry blossoms.

jacaranda said...

Beautiful and stunning blossoms, wonderful scenery to see on your way to work.

Vireya said...

What a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the blossom. Happy spring!

Lauriejo said...

Beautiful photos. No blossoms in our trees yet, but the grass is getting greener.

Queeniepatch said...


Jeanie said...

Now THAT would be a walk to remember!

Leonore Winterer said...

These trees are so pretty! I'm glad you can enjoy them even if the traditional picknics have been called off.