Thursday, April 22, 2021

Shizuoka Prefecture Board of Education Bans Teachers from Social Media Contact With Students

Starting with the new school year this month, the Shizuoka Prefecture Board of Education is prohibiting teachers from any kind of social media contact with students. (I live in Shizuoka Precfeture, but have nothing to do with the school system). Previously the conduct code simply forbade "inappropriate speech and actions". The new policy says communication with students on social media will be considered inappropriate and will be the cause for disciplinary action against the teacher. Teachers will be allowed to send non-personal announcements for things such as school events and activities where the teachers serve as coaches or advisors. In Japan, I'm assuming that means by Line, not by Facebook. Facebook sin't as popular with Japanese as Americans.

Technology has changed things for us in so many ways. The only way I remember my teachers having any kind of communication outside of the classroom was a paper note, and that was probably to the parent, not the student. Maybe there was some type of inappropriate communication by landline telephone between students and teachers, but I wasn't aware of it. With so many students using smart phones and social media, it is probably much easier for predators to reach out to students, but it would also be pretty easy to be caught, wouldn't you think?

What is the policy where you live? Do you think there needs to be a policy in place? Have you heard of teachers contacting students inappropriately by social media?


diamondc said...

Pamela: I think this is a wonderful idea, I had heard it is a problem with social media and the contact of teachers and students, I do not think that is a problem here in our little town yet.
I do not do facebook it is worthless to me, I would rather talk to someone on the phone or in person instead of facebook.
I think facebook is way to far into peoples business.
Have a lovely day


Jeanie said...

I'm not aware of social media problems with teacher/students in my area but I can see how it would happen and a policy like this is probably a good idea. Back when I was in high school, unless it was something like an extracurricular activity teacher (drama, choir, etc) we didn't want to see teachers off hours! But I do remember that I was a baby sitter for my drama teacher's year old baby on occasion.

Leonore Winterer said...

I was pretty close with some of my teachers, but that was mostly in person (social media became big after I finished high school). I don't know if I'd forbid any communication at all - some students might need someone to turn to when things aren't good at home. I don't know if inappropriate behaviour from teachers really is such a big issue?