Tuesday, June 8, 2021

A Surprise and a Request for Help

This is not a good surprise.  A post I wrote in 2012 contains a link to what was at the time I wrote the post, the website of a needlework designer and teacher.  I was surprised when I clicked on the link this week that it now leads to a pornographic site.  Of course I want to delete that link, but I don't know how to get back to that post from my dashboard page.

I tried scrolling back from the post page.  I post every day, so there are many posts to scroll back through and it is slow. When I got to mid-2017, it quit going backwards and brought me to the current posts again. There must be a way to get back and change that.  Can anyone help me? Another request, if you see something else like that, can you tell me? 

I often post links to give designers credit or to give readers the place to get more information.  I never imagined this would happen.  I hope someone can help me!


Vireya said...

Rather than going through the dashboard, you can go directly to the post from your Blog Archive list. Your posts should show you a little pencil at the end, which you can click on to edit that post.

Otherwise, in your Blogger Dashboard there is a "Search posts" at the top of the listings. If you search for the designer's name, the post you wrote should be in the search results.

Good luck!

Pamela said...

Thank you Vireya! I was able to follow your directions and delete the link. I suppose the designer has retired and let her website go and it was taken over.

Queeniepatch said...

What a dreadful surprise, and what wonderful help you got from Vireya. Having blogging friends is great. From me, too, THANK YOU Vireya!

Lelia said...

Oh my Stars! Glad it was all resolved

diamondc said...

Pamela: Its a shame that the web allows trash like pornographic sites, something young people can access to them.
I am so happy to hear you were able to delete the link.
Have a wonderful day.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Glad you got help. I don't know if it works to block links, but you might try turning on the Adult Content warnings in Settings. At least folks will get a warning if this happens again.

Lin said...

Glad you sorted out that problem - nasty surprise! I discovered early on that one way to find old posts was to label them meticulously with every relevant word I could think of. That way a post is easier to find via labels - always assuming you remember/know the name of who or what you are looking for lol! xx

Jeanie said...

You may already have this figured out (I didn't read the comments) but if you can remember the title, put the most interesting word of the title into google with your blog name. It's likely to come up.

If that doesn't work and you had tags for it, in the blogger search bar hit labels and type in one that it might be.

You might be able to type in the year in the search bar -- I haven't tried that.

Also, when I look at my blog I see a little icon like a pad of paper and a pencil and when you click on that (there are several, by different parts of your blog) you can edit that section.

Good luck!

Leonore Winterer said...

Wow, that's crazy! With all the good advice given here I assume you fixed it by now, but still.