Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm Not the Plumber

This is the little sink where we brush our teeth. 

Last night, when I was brushing my teeth, the water was draining a little slow.  I thought I could fix it. I poked a chopstick down the drain because surely that would clear out any gunk and wash it down the drain. After that the water drained more slowly, so I poked it down some more.  After that the water wouldn’t drain at all. My next idea was to pour some boiling water down the drain.  I thought that would melt any gunk and clear the drain. Guess what? It didn’t work and the sink was full of hot gunky water. Next, I tried to create a whirl pool by stirring the chopstick around in a circle. I thought that would make the water go down the drain.  Well, that didn’t work either.

At that point I had to tell Ted that he wasn’t going to be able to brush his teeth in the sink. Our neighbors probably wouldn’t appreciate him spitting toothpaste over the balcony railing, so he went in to look at it.  I didn’t see what he did, but it was something like slapping his hand over the drain hole. The drain made a sound like schlurrrrr and the water went down (probably in a whirlpool). I wiped out the sink with the Cosco equivalent of a Clorox wipe and the sink is back in business. Except for not wearing pants lower than they should be, Ted makes a very good plumber.

Wedding Ring Teacup
Here is teacup #4 of 18. I didn't think I'd want to keep working on them, but here I've done four in a row.  This one has a little gold in with the brown to make it look like a real teacup.


  1. Although I did laugh over your problem with the draining sink I am pleased to know that Ted came to the rescue! Thanks again for your interesting blog

  2. It's really good that your husband fixed your sink problem, and I find it funny on how you tried to fix it huh! :-)

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