Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Cookbook

One of the assignments for English class this semester was to explain to the rest of the class how to prepare their favorite recipe.  They handed in their written recipes and I put them together to make a recipe book.  I didn’t change or correct what they turned in.  I just put them together and made a copy for each student. The recipes in this book include chawan mushi, chicken rice, curry, curry rice, eggs rice bowl, French fries, French toast, omelet containing fried rice, gyoza, hamburger, humbergers, potato salad, stew rice, and white stew. They liked having the picture on the front. I think Ted will try out some of the recipes.

Agree or Disagree
Last week we had a lesson on comparisons, using ----er or more, but not both together.  This past week we studied agreeing or disagreeing. To practice both of these I made up two sets of cards.  One set had a card for each person in the class.  The other set had comparison questions, like who is older or who lives farther away or who is more fashionable, or who is friendlier. The students took turns drawing one question card and two name cards, then asked another person in the class the question with names, such as who is more polite A or B?  The person answering gave his or her opinion in answer form, such as I think A is more polite.  The other students in the class could agree or disagree, giving a reason.  Some questions had a right or wrong answer, others were opinion. I thought they were very creative with their opinions.

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