Friday, July 27, 2012

The Summer Olympic Games

I’m not really a fan of any sport and don’t care about watching sports on television.  All except for – the Olympics.  I love watching the Olympics.  I record the broadcasts and watch them for weeks.  I love hearing the stories of the athletes.  After being here for almost eight months without a television, this is the first time I’m missing not having one. And wouldn’t you know, this year the Olympics are in a city I love.  I’m sure there will be all kinds of interesting things about London on the Olympic coverage.  I’ll have to do the best I can to follow them on the internet.

The Summer English Olympic Games
The semester is coming to an end. Last week, as a semester review activity, my class participated in the English Olympics.  The class was divided into three teams weeks ago and each team made up a team cheer in English that they have been practicing. Each team signed up their team members as participants in the various events, such as vocabulary, simple present tense, simple past tense, ordering from the menu, comparisons, etc. The winner of each event was the one with the most correct answers, but in case of a tie, the fastest was the winner.  We had to cut out several of the events because we ran out of time, unfortunately. It was hard for me to know how long it would take, but I think it’s better to have too much planned than not enough. Here is one of the vocabulary events.

There were ten photos on the wall and the participants had to choose from two different adjectives (which were in their weekly vocabulary) to more appropriately describe each photo.

At the end, I totaled the points to find out which team would take the blue (1st), the red (2nd), and the white (3rd) medals.  I made the “medals” with the help of my scrapbooking tools. I used to volunteer with Special Olympics when I lived in Illinois and I remember every participant received a medal or ribbon, and so did every participant in the English Olympics.

First Place Fish

Second Place Bears

Third Place Dogs
This week is the final exam.  I’m sure they will all do well.

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  1. I hope you can get to see London 2012 on the internet. Here in NZ we have been enjoying lots of "extra" BBC programmes because of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics.