Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mill Hill Quilted Cat

I bought this little kit at Hobby Lobby about two or three years ago. I don’t remember why I put it away without finishing it, but I suspect there is a counting mistake. As my stitching friends will tell you, I have a tendency to put a mistake away rather than find it and fix it.  We’ll see what happens as I get back to work on it.
I have finished two other Mill Hill cross stitch/beading on perforated paper kits – one for spring and one for Halloween.

Jizo gift update
As I walk by the Jizo statue on the way to the garden, I notice new things are put out and old ones are gone.  Does the same person who puts something out take it away, or does someone else take it away to put out their item or does something else happen to it?  Yesterday I noticed a can of oolong tea.  I’ll keep watching and wondering.

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