Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ice Cream Cones and Cupcake Finish

I have been spending most of my free time stitching lately and have finished another of my unfinished class projects. This cute little project was from a fun weekend last year in Myrtle Beach South Carolina with Susan Greening Davis. I didn’t have a lot done when I left the class, as you can see from the picture I posted a few days ago.  I was surprised by how quick I was able to stitch and finish it.
After stitching the design, I put the two pieces together, leaving an opening to stuff it.

This bag of stuffing looks very small, but is compressed. When I opened it, it poofed out of the bag.  One hundred grams of stuffing cost 180 yen.

After I stuffed the tuffet and closed the opening, I pinched it and stitched it with the cute button and ribbon.

I covered a tile (weight) with felt and attached the tuffet to the felt. The bag tucks into the felt.  The heart pocket is to hold scissors and the ribbon with covered rings is to connect the scissors.

I think it turned out pretty cute.

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