Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The University Student Festival

Saturday, before we went to the town festival, we went to a student event at the university. It seemed to be all art students, but I might be wrong about that. The students made signs and posters to promote the event and to invite the public to attend.

 The photography group had a display and one of its members is in Ted’s photography class.

In the main hallway, students had various items they made for sale.  We bought some painted postcards and some little magnets.

In the classroom where my English class is held, there was a display of the calligraphy students.  One of the students painted a kanji fan for me.

There was a craft workshop area where I learned to make a little tissue paper flower.

There were a couple of rooms with food. Ted tried the soba and we both had floats.

In the gym there was a music concert. This art student band played Beatles music.

There are always many interesting things to do and see in Hokkaido.

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