Monday, July 30, 2012

The Snowman Teacup

Here it is – tiny teacup #6 of 18, finished. 

I’ve decided to stitch this afghan for Ted’s mom.  I think she will put it to use (being cold all the time) and I think she will like to look at the stitched cups.  On the phone she always asks if I am stitching and says I do some pretty stitching. So, while I originally thought I would stitch on this project here and there, I’ve decided to continue working on it.

Friday when we were walking downtown, we came upon another men working scene. If you look at how they are dressed, you'll get an idea of the summer temperatures in Hokkaido. It's summertime, but nowhere near as hot as Raleigh, NC! 

While waiting for the traffic light to change, we met this charming lady who wanted to know where we were from. Ted is in shorts and a t-shirt, but she is is very proper, wearing her hat and gloves.

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