Tuesday, July 24, 2012

YoYo Slippers

We have been working on our butterfly towels for a couple of weeks now.  This week we took a break from the butterflies to fancy up some hotel disposable slippers.  At first Okuda San was surprised that we would start a new project without finishing the last one, but I told her we would finish this new one in a day and we did. (She doesn’t know about all my unfinished projects yet).  After laying out the fabric pieces, the buttons, the trim and various doo dahs, I showed her how to make the little fabric circles known as yoyos. For the next two hours we cut and stitched and picked out buttons. Here are the finished products – hers on her feet and mine from all sides.

Next time it will be back to the butterflies. This is what mine look like so far.

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