Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ornament Parade

We moved to Japan with only a shoebox of ornaments. I’ve made a few more this year, as you know if you’ve been reading long.  Our little gomi tree is decorated, and I took pictures of the ornaments close up as I decorated so I could share them. I took the photos with the ruler in place so you can get an idea of the sizes. Unless otherwise noted, the ornaments are stitched and finished by me.  In no particular order, here are my tree ornaments.

These four beaded nutcrackers were an EGA correspondence course and finished in 2012.

This is Ted’s Rudolph ornament that I recently finished.  It is cross stitch over one with DMC floss.

These two mini stockings are among my very favorites. The blue is mine and the red is Ted’s.  Mine was completed as part of a chapter challenge with the Cardinal EGA chapter. We each received a paper pattern with the outline of the stocking and the dividing lines and were on our own to choose the fabric, stitches, and thread to make the stitched ornament look like a pieced crazy quilt pattern.  Mine won the chapter vote and I was awarded a year’s EGA dues.  It was so fun to stitch that I made one for Ted when mine was done. The blue stocking is done on 28 count fabric. The red is done on canvas.

These two were kits put out by DMC.  The stocking is from 1999 and the Santa from 2000.  I thought it was going to be a continuing series, but I never found any kits beyond these two.  Does anyone know if there were more years offered?

These felt snowmen are made from two layers of felt, so a photo can be put in the belly.  So far, the bellies are empty.

I made these two ornaments for us in 2008.  Blackwork is probably my favorite technique and we are both fond of our dragonflies.  The wings of the stumpwork dragonfly are made from thin wire stitched on ribbon with buttonhole stitches done with one strand of floss.  The sparkly wing veins were made with blending filament and the body is made of beads.

These are the underrobe ornaments, named because the pattern comes from the underrobe of the DragonMaster. Both were completed earlier this year.

This is Marion Scoular’s blackwork daffodils, also finished earlier this year.

This little yo-yo tree was also made this year.

This needlepoint tree ornament was a class at the Carolinas Region (EGA) Fall Meeting in 2008. It is stitched on green canvas and has little red beads.  The sparkle comes from gold lame behind the canvas.  We stitched the tree in the morning and learned the finishing technique in the afternoon.

That’s not all of the ornaments on the little tree, but that’s all for today.  Come back tomorrow to see more of the ornaments.

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