Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What Am I Stitching?

I haven’t posted much about stitching lately. Hmmmm, I think that’s because I haven’t been doing so much.  I’ve been working on a small piece as a gift for Ted (when he’s not at home) and I’ll post a picture of it after I give it to him.  I’ve been working on some little cross stitch ornaments in the evening (while watching the MadMen DVD’s), but more as something to keep my hands busy than as something with the end in mind.  The one on upper left just needs backstitching.  The one on the upper right has a counting mistake that requires some unstitching.  I try to work around mistakes when I can, but this mistake involves having three threads instead of four for two rows of cross stitches.  Now I’m working on the bottom right.  Maybe they will be ornaments for next year.

We’ve been getting snow, but not as much as last year. If I had just moved here, I would think we have a huge amount of snow on the ground, but after the record breaking amounts that fell last year, a meter of snow on the ground just seems like a dusting.

The next few days will be kind of busy.  I’m going to what I think is a sushi lunch with the lunch ladies group today. I’m bringing a dessert that I purchased.  Ted is having a dinner at school for the fourth year Outdoor Life students today.  I think he has that under control and I’m not much help in the food preparation department, anyway.  I need to practice for hula class on Thursday.  I don’t want the teacher’s patience with me to run out. Friday morning Ted is playing Santa San at the kindergarten, like he did last year.  I’m hoping one of his students will go with him and take pictures because I will be in my English class. Maybe Santa will be able to stop by my class after he visits the little ones.

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