Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ornament Parade (Part 2)

This ornament was stitched in 2010 and came from a cross stitch ornament magazine, but I don’t remember which one or which year.  This was stitched on one flat piece, then folded to finish into a two sided ornament.

This was a lesson in Brazilian embroidery taught by Ann Rein at the Nora Night Stitchers group of the Indianapolis EGA chapter in 1996.

This needlepoint duck ornament was completed earlier this year.

This was a painted canvas.  I bought the canvas at a Raleigh ANG meeting, but I don’t remember if it was a guild project or if I just bought it at the meeting.  The holly are made with beads and the back of the ornament is white velvet.

This gold ornament was a project taught by Marilyn Jarrett at an Indianapolis EGA meeting in 1996 or 1997.  The back is gold lame. I think this was my first canvas project.

This ornament came from the ANG web site and was part of the stitch of the month series.  It was completed as part of the Raleigh ANG challenge one year.

This cross stitch and beaded ornament was done in 1996. The stitched part is stuck on a poofy circle, then glued to the heart.

This diamond shaped ornament was also done in 1996.  It is backed with black velvet.

This blue hardanger heart ornament was stitched this year.  It has white beads and is backed with blue moire.

This was Ted’s 2006 ornament.  I use this pattern of eyelets and Rhodes stitches together a lot.

 That’s all for today.  I have just a few more to show you tomorrow.

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