Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Recap

The weekend flew by. Friday morning Ted took photos of the fourth year Outdoor Life students. Here’s one of him with some of them.

In the afternoon and evening his Team Building class took a field trip to another location in town to do GIDI (Glow in the Dark Initiatives), a team building activity Ted developed.  He has published and presented this idea at national and regional outdoor conferences in the US and used it with many groups of all ages.

I had my English class Friday morning, then met with Miwako and Alicia at my apartment for stitching.  They both worked on their beaded ornaments. I worked on a small cross stitch over one reindeer ornament for one of Ted’s co-workers. I continued working on the ornament after they went home.

It snowed like crazy all weekend.  It’s December, it’s winter, it’s snowing. 

We hung out at home during the day. Ted took down the light fixtures so I could clean them. The apartments here don’t come with lights.  There are plug ins in the ceiling and you buy lights to attach.  Some turn on with a pull string, others have remotes (that sometimes get misplaced, even though there is a place to keep them).

I worked on the ornament a little more and Ted read a new book on his iPod before we went to the Dance Festival in the evening that I wrote about yesterday.

Sunday, I did some housecleaning and Ted went to his office for a little while.  Ted took some pictures of us for a Christmas card.  It was hard enough for two adults to get a good photo using the timer.  I don’t know how families with children ever get a good photo.

After lunch we had to clear the snow from the car.  Last winter we didn’t have a car so we didn’t have to do this.  It’s not as fun as it looks!


Ted went to Aikido in the afternoon and I went to Haruki.  I hadn’t been there all weekend, so we needed quite a few things.  This bag of groceries cost 2023 yen.

I finished the reindeer ornament that came from a free chart on the DMC website.  It measures two inches on each side and is backed with this brown fabric.

We had a nice weekend and are ready for the new week ahead.

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  1. GIDI looks wonderfully exciting but oh so cold. Rather Ted than me in those temperatures!