Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dance Festival

Last night we went to the Culture Center to attend the Dance Festival.  One of the Outdoor Life students was one of the dancers and we wanted to see her.  It had snowed all day long and was still snowing when we left for the festival.  We wore our tall boots because the snow was deep.

As with most things, we had no idea what the event we were attending was all about.  When we arrived at the Culture Center we saw students who also came to see the dancer student and we sat with them.  We also saw my two hula teachers and one of the hula dancers from my class.  I was happy to have them meet Ted and for Ted to meet them.

There were 27 acts, primarily young people doing hip hop and older women doing hula, with an intermission in the middle.  The lyrics for the hip hop music were in English and Ted and I were very surprised children were dancing to these words. Suffice it to say they were not G rated.   Then, we realized we were the only two in the audience who knew what those words meant! 

It was difficult to take photos in a dark auditorium without flash, but this will give you an idea of the dance acts we witnessed.

This is the group with the Outdoor Life Student.

We enjoyed the evening of dance and had a nice walk there and back.

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Margaret said...

All the dancers look as if they are enjoying themselves! Walking in the snow is fun (if a little cold) but I hope you didn't have too far to go.