Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Makisushi Over One

The makisushi ornament that I recently posted the picture of has been received, so I can tell you who the recipient is – Margaret from http://margaretmyblog.blogspot.jp/ She does some beautiful counted thread work, so please check out her blog. Margaret used to live in Hokkaido and understands all about my experiences here.

Ted liked the ornament and thought our tree needed some sushi too.  I stitched this ornament over one because our tree is small. I used the same green fabric for backing.  There are four green threads and four of the pink/peach colors in the center. I think the color changes show up better on the over two cross stitch. It seems to blend together too much on this over one cross stitch.  What do you think? 


Margaret said...

My makizushi ornament is already hanging on the tree. Each time I see it I have happy memories of Hokkaido. Thank you very much.

Sun City Stitcher said...

Cute sushi!