Monday, December 10, 2012

The Unexpected Music Concert

The University art students were having a month long art show with some of their work at a location away from the university.  The show was ending Sunday and Ted had other plans for Sunday so we needed to go on Saturday or else miss it.  It was snowing heavily Saturday, as it had been the last two Saturdays, when we went to the Dance Festival and I went to the cooking class. As we were walking to the art show location, an Outdoor Life Student caught up to us and told us she was going to a classical music concert and her friend was playing the oboe.  She may have known that we were all going to the same place, but we didn’t know until we were walking up the steps to the building that the concert and the art show were in the same hall.  It was our good luck that the concert was starting minutes after we got there.

The musicians talked about their instruments, in Japanese, between pieces.


The audience was small and intimate. We sat in the first row to the side.

What a treat this was!

After the concert, we went upstairs to the art show.  Here are some of the artworks.

In the entryway of the art hall was a large poster with movie offerings for the year.  Do you notice anything about this movie?

It’s written in English, but in the way that a Japanese word would be pronounced. “N” is the only consonant that can be without a vowel. The word “wind” becomes “windo(w)” because “d” cannot stand alone. 

Here is another example of how helpful the students here are.  Ted needed a passport-type photo of himself to get a ski pass.  They told him how to get it done cheaply by taking a photo with his camera and showing him how to print it in the proper size at the 7-11 store.

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  1. Lucky you! A concert and an exhibition. I am surprised that the 7-11 stores don't appear to look much different but they are obviously technologically advanced.