Sunday, May 12, 2013

Adding Some Beads and a Few Buttons

The yo-yo shawl project continues.  I made a few more covered rings.  Next, I made five tiny yo-yo’s and stitched them on bigger yo-yos.

I’ve added some beads and a few buttons, but not many.
I continue to rearrange.  Maybe I’ll be ready to start putting them together soon.


Margaret said...

The Yo-yo wrap is looking great. How will they all be fastened together? And how much does it weigh? (Sorry for all the questions)

Pamela said...

I've just started stitching them together by putting five or six or so stitches to connect one to the next, in the lines of eight. I don't really know how heavy it is. When I had all the yo-yo's in the lunch box, they weren't too heavy. I've added the covered rings and some beads and buttons. I don't think it will be too heavy, but I don't know yet.