Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TAST 66 - Coral Stitch

This week’s TAST stitch (from Sharon B’s Pintangle blog) is the coral stitch, also known as coral knot, German knot stitch, knotted stitch, beaded stitch, and snail trail.  Here are my samples - the yellow variegated is #5 perle, the gray is #8 perle. The red is also #5 perle, showing uneven spacing with a vertical knot stitch and even spacing with a vertical knot stitch.

I’ve been working on the yo-yo’s and am on the seventh set of two.  I think this is going to take awhile.


Margaret said...

The yo-yos sure are going to take a while to join together but don't they look beautiful.

Queeniepatch said...

Great progress in the Yo-Yo factory.
Coral stitch is easy to learn and love. Fun to use.