Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Hard to Stop Embellishing

Well, I thought I was finished last week, but Okuda San came over and wanted to add a few more stitches to hers, so I added a few more stitches to mine.  She took hers home and worked on it some more. When we got together this week, we decided we were done stitching and would make our creations into the penny purses. She chose a green dotted fabric for the lining and I chose a yellow fabric with the three little kittens who lost their mittens.  We twisted four strands of #3 perle cotton for the cording.  She put one snap on hers and I put two on mine. We only worked about an hour and a half and she went home carrying hers. There is a pale yellow area above the rick rack on hers with woven detached chain leaves and little red eyelet flowers that were inspired by the sakura trees she saw when she was taking a walk.

I thought I was finished with mine when she went home, but then I decided it needed a beaded edge on the flap.  I had an open area under the flap, so I stitched my initials and the year with a chain stitch. I think it really is finished now.

Next week we'll start a new project.

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Margaret said...

Aren't they both cute! Crazy patchwork looks so complicated but the finished product is great.